Starting a business from scratch is hard work. It is certainly not for everyone. But this doesn't mean that anyone can't do it. Whether you are new to the world of being your own boss, or even if you have a business already and are looking to try something new, we are here to help at the various stages of the process. 

Our most comprehensive service for startups is what we call "The Start Up Package". With this package, you essentially have us as a business partner (either actual or contractual) and we help you with every aspect of getting your business running and sustainable. What happens after that is entirely up to what works for both of us. Every case is different.

If you are not interested in such an involved and comprehensive service, we can help with specific aspects of getting started. Picking and choosing multiple aspects and combining them into one focused project allows us give you better value. Many of the services listed here are services that are offered independently. If only one of these services is needed, then our commitment to you would fall within the scope of that service and not a "start up package". These services include, but are not limited to:

-Writing a business plan

-Writing a loan proposal/application

-Conducting market research and analysis

-Product/service development

-Logo design 

-Branding plan

-Marketing strategy development

-Marketing campaigns

-Website design/development

-Website adminstration

-Budgeting, projections and analysis

-Content development

-Social media marketing

-Administrative assistant tasks

-And more...

We do not provide legal or financial services. We are not an investment firm.