The Power Of Words

How many times have you gone to watch a movie, check out that new burger joint, or visited some place because someone you know told you to? More times than we know. The simple fact of the matter is that what we say can have a big impact on other people's perceptions. This is especially try about your business. When it comes to your business, there are several "words" that you need to be aware of.

The first, I feel, is often over looked. The biggest influencer of other's perception of your business is you. The way you say things, what you say, and what your actions communicate will directly determine how you are viewed. This first hand interaction is critical because it could lead to a sale, a new client, a new contact, a new opportunity, or nothing at all. In-person, face-to-face, is always more effective than if someone watches a video of you. They get to interact with the "real" you and you get to earn their trust. This affects the second way that words effect you.

The second is when others speak about you. This second-hand account is based on one of two things, a retelling of a first-hand interaction with you and your business (your products, services, employees etc) or a retelling of someone else's experience. These contacts will often become more diluted overtime if the original interaction was one that wasn't exceptionally memorable. However, it's the interactions that fall under the extremes that are remembered the most. If you, your company, your employees, your products/services delivered exceptional results or exceeded expectations in a positive way, you will end up with advocates that recommend you to anyone that asks. Rarely do you get advocates that actively go about telling others about you, but it does happen. It's the other side of the coin that we all want to avoid. When you and your business deliver sub-par or exceptionally negative experiences, it will spread like wildfire. In the age of social media, all it takes is one post to significantly a budding business. It is difficult to undo this kind of damage. This is why it is so critical that you and your business be one of integrity, and treat everyone with respect and care.

Be consistent. Be confident. Be kind. Your words are more powerful than you think.

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