The Big Decision

We make decisions every day. It is part of who we are. When it comes to business, decision making becomes increasingly more important. As one becomes more experienced in business, it becomes easier to intuitively gauge how your decisions effect you, your business, and others. However, it is not always clear and obvious. It's also not always a luxury to "think on it". For some reason, the world of business seems to happen faster than normal time for everyone else. Whether you make the right decision, the wrong decision, or no decision, the important thing is that you make up your mind quickly AND STICK TO IT!

Indecision is the killer of business and progress. Paralysis from analysis has stifled the success of more entrepreneurs than actual paralysis. Overthinking something is never a good thing. Don't get me wrong, you should absolutely consider all possible options and be critical about the facts before making a decision, regardless of how much you know versus how much you don't know. Lack of information is never a good thing. However, when it comes to making critical decisions under the pressure of time constraints, you should rely on your "intuition"...your gut. Your gut is your subconscious mind gathering information, comparing it to past experiences, and determining the likelihood of outcomes based on past experiences. If your past experiences are limited, your gut may not be telling you the right things. One thing I always trust my gut on though, is when it comes to judgement of character.

For me, when I make big decisions under pressure, I consider the facts and consider the trust level of the parties involved. Once I make my decision, I have to reserve myself to stick with my decision. It's takes too much time and energy to wonder what if or feel bad for myself for making a bad decision. Instead, I learn from it. I analyze afterwards what was different and why so that I don't repeat the same mistake.

Keep in mind that not deciding on something is a decision in itself. Choosing to do nothing can be as, or even more, detrimental than simply making a wrong/bad decision. All you can do is your best and stick to it.

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